Instagram stories

Today I tried for the first time to use the polemic Instagram stories. 

I think its funny how people complain about a new app that just uses a new idea to add value to the app itself. The app is not becaming a new channel, it just adds a new format to a chain of people already making use of their accounts. Loyal, attentive clients.

And later on, any app which has already a database of clients, just wants to provide better service itself, and work hard to delevop the support to the same format, and receives many critics.

“A radio did not evolved to a TV overnight.”

My opinion is very simple, the more people migrate to new apps, the more the “old” apps will became obsolete. And… personally, I do not like to support this idea. I think when you buil a team to cope together so the platform has a name, and a meaning to the society, it deserves support.

I do not like my audience share though 😤

Just like any other one of us… Well… Will need to work harder to show better content 😅

Thank you for the new +5 followers this week ☺️💋💋

Cheers 🐝


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