It all started in Brazil 🇧🇷

My beloved country!

Which taught me the beauty of enjoying a fresh air in an afternoon. The never ending desire for knowledge.

It has began with a lil girl who could only speak german. And later on gave up on that, cause she wasn’t getting any more friends by speaking german. Everybody was speaking portuguese!

I gave up on german! And started to speak the most difficult of the latin languages, brazilian Portuguese. And the lil girl was so proud! Could evolve much more in every class, and maybe because of the complexity of the anglo-saxon language tried to learn in the past, could always write English better than the teachers. 🙈

Yes, we write mistakes as well. And who doesnt?”

After a certain level, I guess it is just all about making good use of the different tools you’re given. Like it is your ultimate resource for having any kind of advantage in the food chain.

I tried so hard to find a nice name for this blog, something that could be a noun in at least two languages 😝

I think it does work for now ☺️🇧🇷🐝


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