How Tinder saved me from a sinking relationship

The field of communication looks fantastic.

Fact is, we have a lot of knowledge in one field, and ethics to fulfill. At least the ones aiming to get a career developed.

Is not that someone like this could actually request a partner to understand and share the same world. Not. In fact this situation will almost never happen… 

What happens is, what we value. We know the value of something, that another don’t.

And, I am sorry, it may just be me. But if there is someone to know when you share a relationship, is that, you want the same kind of loyalty you know how to give. 

Call it whatever you want. But I can’t see myself settling for less than what I deserve. 

If that costs me to never settle with anyone, so be it. 

What I have lived, and what I have seen, only I know. I’m the one wearing my shoes, wherever they might take me. Today to one place, tomorrow to another. Who knows?

I saw my parents get divorced. And I may not know what I want for a relationship, but I know what I don’t want.

I know what I can’t comply with. And honestly, is shameful to say this. But the tools I learned how to use, looks so simple to me. Can’t believe it can’t be seen as simple to another. Am I transmitting the wrong words?

We were together. And suddenly I catch his phone vibrating, he is half asleep and opens the phone to me. I never thought I could find something so disgusting as what I found. Tinder, and a lot of girls who were proudly displayed as a list of contacts. I was forced to laugh. Tricky irony. How can the person get to have someone as a girlfriend, and treat her like this?

That is more than what any real relationship can take. Marriages are destroyed by less than this. Today I can breathe about it, and hopefully it even sounds like poetry.

There is just so much percent someone can calculate to find a definition for a “yes” in their lives.

But it takes a 100% to say “no”

Can you contrast that with the level of stupidity of somebody?

What I learned for life is that the definition of EX, is forever.


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