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Feliz dia do Publicitário 

Happy advertiser’s day! In this day, the wolf puts down its ear. We howl to the moon. Turn our bodies and put our paws to the skies.

This is my humble post with a series of photos I took with a macro lens attached to my Iphone in a short run. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all advertisers in the world 🌎 


It all started in Brazil 🇧🇷

My beloved country!

Which taught me the beauty of enjoying a fresh air in an afternoon. The never ending desire for knowledge.

It has began with a lil girl who could only speak german. And later on gave up on that, cause she wasn’t getting any more friends by speaking german. Everybody was speaking portuguese!

I gave up on german! And started to speak the most difficult of the latin languages, brazilian Portuguese. And the lil girl was so proud! Could evolve much more in every class, and maybe because of the complexity of the anglo-saxon language tried to learn in the past, could always write English better than the teachers. 🙈

Yes, we write mistakes as well. And who doesnt?”

After a certain level, I guess it is just all about making good use of the different tools you’re given. Like it is your ultimate resource for having any kind of advantage in the food chain.

I tried so hard to find a nice name for this blog, something that could be a noun in at least two languages 😝

I think it does work for now ☺️🇧🇷🐝

Keep them coming!

Honestly, I don’t get it. How people can mix up so many things about the advertising world. I love TV, radio, computers, and not to say my baby Xbox. Music, shows, political critics and social media played through these devices. The fact that a platform can put back together people you knew when you were younger. So long time ago! And you still can meet people you never remember you knew in the past. This is so fantastic!

Well, the mix up part I refer to, is that is so simple to me to describe some things in Portuguese, but they are not true in English. Maybe is just my brain going nuts.


At university level in Brazil, the bachelor in advertising kind of course is one that has the most number of people giving up during the course. They can not foreseen what is in the verge in front of them. When you complete it, seems like (to me) that the whole world split a channel. You are on a verge, and you just gained a new path. Difficult to retain the idea in English!

In Brazil is so spread out the idea of what a “publicitário” can make. But… in English, I am not so sure on how to explain. Please have a look online and let me know how you can help me describe such an amazing view of our world 😀