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2016 – First chapter

Couldn’t be happier with my new life

In less than a week my life completely changed. After 2 months trying to negotiate at my former company about new working schedule or any better working conditions, I needed to take the tough decision to quit.

I could never have imagined that it would have been so tough. But I knew it was the right thing to do at the moment I got a good news from the University I was already studying my Masters degree. They got me a scholarship and so I needed to review my whole calendar and again, leave some things behind. My friends ask me, did your colleagues cried when you left? I say, nooooo, I did! hahaha

It was sad for me, because I have been working with amazing people in China for the past 3 years. And I learned so much from them. Even on those days I wanna kill someone at a meeting table, even those days are precious.

Anyhow, that was one day I simply said to myself: “enough”. I wasn’t feeling like they were caring enough, and I didn’t want that for my life anymore. No space for growth, and was an act of respect. I staid one day again with absolutely nothing to do in my apartment. And it didn’t make me comfortable. The next day everything changed. Suddenly I was at my new job, which is this incredible part time job at the University’s video lab and communication office. People are even more amazing, and that is making everything in my life go on smoother.  I am so lucky to have this opportunity. And in some point of view it can be really scaring because I am again leaving a city where I already knew everything. The pros and cons. Now everything is new again.

I like this feeling of freedom, which can be scary for some people or even seam some kind of craziness. But that’s how I learned to live my life. Letting go.

Walking out from library (UMAC)



Keep them coming!

Honestly, I don’t get it. How people can mix up so many things about the advertising world. I love TV, radio, computers, and not to say my baby Xbox. Music, shows, political critics and social media played through these devices. The fact that a platform can put back together people you knew when you were younger. So long time ago! And you still can meet people you never remember you knew in the past. This is so fantastic!

Well, the mix up part I refer to, is that is so simple to me to describe some things in Portuguese, but they are not true in English. Maybe is just my brain going nuts.


At university level in Brazil, the bachelor in advertising kind of course is one that has the most number of people giving up during the course. They can not foreseen what is in the verge in front of them. When you complete it, seems like (to me) that the whole world split a channel. You are on a verge, and you just gained a new path. Difficult to retain the idea in English!

In Brazil is so spread out the idea of what a “publicitário” can make. But… in English, I am not so sure on how to explain. Please have a look online and let me know how you can help me describe such an amazing view of our world 😀

If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way

I started this post with a quote from Napoleon Hill, and I confess I have heard this quote the first time when I was still at university.

“If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way” – Napoleon Hill

By that time, at the end of Uni I wanted so much to do something great. And I guess everyone had that felling once. Either a project, a top grade, a compliment from mentors. But just do something bigger, different than others. When you are under your mentor’s guidance that seams quite easy to ask for orientation. And even out of the Uni, on your private life, it seams like no mater where you go, you are always doing the right thing…

But after a few accomplishments, you are left alone with your certificate – or not – in this brave new world you have just discovered. And it might really be an outstanding world specially at the beginning. But after a few years, you need to remember to stay sharp. Keep learning. Keep achieving your goals. Keep thinking out of the box.

This post in fact is just to share with you the way I found out how to keep searching for contents of my interest and the best way (for me) to return something to community.

Here are two links that made my life feel much more worthy (well, we all go through difficult phases where we need to feel better with ourselves to realize how worthy we are to have the life we live). It certainly gave me a better feeling of fulfillment after I accomplished these goals.

There it goes:

alison.com – a platform that shares many options of courses and even grants certificates from the world’s best universities. FOR FREE.

unv.org – United Nations Volunteer, a platform that allows you to join forces with the United Nations and help to spread peace around the globe. You can choose to collaborate online for a long or short term. Be a volunteer.

The key is that regardless of getting a certification, you don’t need to prove to the world how much you have improved, but the world (or the way you see it) will show you how much you have changed. Do not place limits to yourself, because nobody around you is doing so!

It is so easy to complain that things are not going the way you have planned in your life. But I found out that little changes can really turn into a great result. Don’t attach yourself to the bigger picture, just keep doing the small things on the way of improvement and one day you might realize that they were the great things.

The tips above are such small things, but I bet you will feel more personally fulfilled if you achieve some goals offered by these tools. Or any other… Mindset to improve little by little. Everyday.

To complete, here are some other mindsetting thoughts that I like ♥

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Lessons from 2015

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A retrospective of my year to share with you a little bit of this emotional roller coaster that my expat life has became.

2015, a year of spiritual reencounter, personal discovery and love.

A year that has began in a spectacular way, with a short vacation escape to Indonesia. I found out the sweetness of Donkey Donuts (I saw this brand for the first time in Indonesia – yes, forgive me, shame on me, I did not know it before). After an intense year of work, there was nothing more fair than run away from this hustle and bustle, to enjoy the peace and the unique landscapes of a region so full of natural beauty.

Recharge the batteries, and praise to God for all the good things: every friendship, every battle won. In such places I always find peace and the presence of such a positive energy, that goes much beyond our knowledge.

Back to the busy routine, to feel once again the cold weather of Frankfurt and Peking touching my skin. Yes, the year of 2015 brought me so much self discovery that I started to value (even more) each sensation, each moment that this life provides us. From a calm sunset by the seashore in Indonesia, enjoying a drink, to the feeling of having my fingers freezing while walking in the center of Frankfurt, at nightfall, under a drizzle that insists in freeze also my ears… (my nose, I could not feel it anymore)

Another world’s wonder, the Great Wall of China. Together with my Chinese colleagues, I could discover this monument and understand why they call it a “world wonder”. Something I can not put into words, a greatness that is indescribable. Even nowadays people ask me about how was to be at the Great Wall and I only know how to reply with that “poker face”…

After the hustle in Shanghai, I had the pleasure to feel the very hot weather in another 2 different countries in Asia that I haven’t been before, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates. I got to know amazing people in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and realized that despite the problems faced by the country, they have a very happy population, just like Brazil does.

At Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I was at the Burj Khalifa “At the top” (at the top of the world). The highest outdoor observation deck in the world! A tower with more than 828 meters high. From the top of that tower I could realize how big are the little details in our life, and simply wished that the world down there would be filled with love.




a year to review many of my concepts. The obligation to refrain from alcohol. A year where I found an incredible resilience. After a first semester emotionally troubled, I conquered an even stronger psychological.

To formalize the second language by conquering the international english certification. And deepen my studies to reach the third language (the HSK3 mandarin certification is a goal for 2016). The persistent battle to keep health for mind and body (and spirit) among so many desires, wishes and responsabilities.




In this last semester, I dedicated myself to return a portion of all the learning I had so far. For so I signed up for the UN volunteer program, where I was picked to help with translation for Issue Papers from UN Habitat III. I could collaborate with 2 Issue Papers about Housing and Transport and Mobility. There were a few sleepless nights, and all the vacant time (specially that hours spent travelling) were dedicated to this project. At the 45 minutes of the second half (28/12/2015) I received the feedback from the institution with regards for my contribution for “enhanced capacity of communities to identify local development priorities and ways to address them“. Can you imagine how happy I am?

2015 also had my frustrating attempt to write a book. After meeting so many amazing people in this journey, (some new friends that just arrive to stay) appeared the desire of putting the heroes I met in real life (and the villains) back to the books. But I realized that for this story to become really good, I needed to meet some other heroes in real life… So the story staid in stand by.

Some struggles, just to show me how much pride does not lead anyone to anything. I opened my eyes for so many bad things surrounding this world and how people get intoxicated trying to get rid from an evil. Sometimes they end up even worst than the bad thing itself. I put into action what my mentors have taught me during this journey, by fighting bad with goodness, and I do not regret anything that I have done during this year of 2015. I entered 2015 full of good things, and I feel that all the good things I have shared, (or some critics that I ignored) if they were not enough to make another happy, at least they did an extremely good repair to my soul.

To complete, in the middle of this turbulence, I met someone so special. I found my heart in a manner that I would have never imagined I would someday… Far from the cliches, I fell in love for a person who lives a life in an even faster pace than I do… What puzzled me, and at the same time disarmed me. A lesson. Suddenly, it was all or nothing. It was a kind of love that needs to be given 100%, every day. Suddenly I went on a state of alert about the brevity of our lives, and that I can not risk to spend a day without acting with 100% of love with those around me. Suddenly there were no doubts. No fears… Some priorities became so trivial. I discovered something much bigger than myself. And before I could consider whether it was love, I realized my heart was already surrendering…

A 2015 that disarmed me and prepared me with even stronger ones for 2016. And hope that the wishes of love, peace, comprehension e mainly happiness will be again present in our lives in this new year to come. Because those who learn how to cultivate happiness inside themselves, will easily find the way to the other virtues.

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Planning your Business Trip to China

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It is your time to visit China for a business trip, but you do not want to miss the opportunity to check some turistic places. Why not visit the Giant Buddah in Hong Kong, or the casinos in Macau?

Whether you are an expert on travelling to find good business opportunities, or are planning a first adventure through China, it is worth to check out this important tips. With this, and future posts, I hope to bring some useful information for the curious or the ones that are organizing the agenda, so you can rest assure that you will take the best advantage out of such a (tiring) trip.

Specially if you are going to the South of China (region of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hong Kong, etc) you cannot miss this hints.

1 – Organize your agenda on a strategic way

(a) Study the map of China (yes, believe you in me, I have seen many senior business people failing in such a primary item) and make a list of which cities you must visit.

(b) Do a good research for the flights schedule to define the route that best suits you.

(c) You may ask the factories that you are visiting to fit into your schedule, as possible. If you don’t know it yet, they have more interest in receiving you than you in paying a visit. In some good cases they will do all the efforts to receive you, even if the time of your visit didn’t fit very well on their opening time. Generally speaking, the Chinese people receive very well the foreigners during the business trip, and in some cases will warmly assist a foreigner. They know that you really do not understand a thing, and that you will appreciate ($$$) the help.

2 – Prepare a 2 entrance visa

This tip is the golden star in your schedule! Your business trip may include a bit of leisure and sightseeing among so many meetings and appointments. Especially if your trip is to the South of China, if you have the chance, ask for a visa with 2 entries. This way you can go inside China to visit the factories and exhibitions, and still visit the special areas outside mainland China, such as Hong Kong and Macau (or even Taiwan). With a second entrance allowed, you can return to mainland China a second time and meet your last appointments.

Did you already get your visa and were only allowed 1 entry? There is still some hope. In case that you have only 1 entry, you can enjoy Hong Kong and Macau the same way! You just need to step by whenever you do not need to enter China again, such as flights or any other appointment inside China. Plan ahead!

3 – Currency

Be reminded that the special zones of China use different currency systems difering from mainland China. They are more devalued, that’s why it is always best to take a portion of the local currency in cash with you. Look for the best exchange rate and consider to change from USD to the local coins, rather than from RMB to the local currency, since (sometimes) the money lost in the transaction is bigger if done from RMB.

Is it your first trip to China? The first contact with the factories? Thinking whether or not you should travel alone? Do you need more information about Canton Fair?

So stay tuned for the next posts!

See you around!

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